10 Minute Mail Premium Mod Apk – Premium Cracked 2022

10 minute mail premium mod apk is a great tool to create temporary email and keep your personal email private and hidden from online websites. Temporary emails are usually self-disposable and are disposed of after a certain time elapses. People use 10 minute mail apk for creating such emails in order to bypass email verification on certain websites that they don’t trust fully.

After creating temp mail using 10 minute mail premium app, they use that email on the websites and save their personal inbox from thousands of spam messages. Temporary mail services mod like 10 minute mail mod also improve privacy and security as the email generated will be valid just for 10 minutes. 

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10 Minute Mail – Disposable Temporary Email Features

Did you ever find yourself on websites that you don’t trust completely? Maybe you are a private person and want to not use your main email address on such websites. But still, you want to verify the email and receive unimportant emails. For such particular uses, the 10 Minute mail mod app – temporary email apk gives a disposable temporary email address that expires within 10 minutes.

10 Minute Mail mod apk – temporary email mod also has the following features:

  • create instant disposable email
  • temporary email accounts expire in 10 minutes
  • no registration is needed
  • copy the Temp Mail directly to the clipboard and use it wherever you want
  • receive incoming mails without any worry
  • allows to read, delete, or download any email that comes into your inbox
  • prolonged expiration between 10 and 60 minutes
  • recover the last 3 disposable email address from the history
  • saves you from spam and attacks
  • keep your real email private

10 Minute mail premium apk – premium cracked

10 minute mail premium mod apk is a premium version of 10 minute mail mod app. It comes with all the features mentioned above and some more exclusive features. These exclusive features are:

  • No ads
  • You can control the expiration time of the mail address you generated. Time can either be added or taken away from it.
  • Dedicated pool of email domains that are more private and not hardly blacklisted.
  • Multiple temp Mail addresses at a time. You can easily switch between them, change timers, or destroy them anytime you want.
  • Custom names for addresses that appeal to you much more than the free ones.
  • Fully private addresses make sure that your data is kept to you and not shared at all.
  • Better storage for attachments and emails


Weekly: $2.99

Monthly: $7.99

Three months: $19.99

Semi-annually: $35.99

Yearly: $58.99

10 Minute mail recovery – temporary email mod

Usually, the mail addresses are self-disposable after a certain amount of time; in this case, 10 min elapses. Once the email address is disposed of and deleted from the server, there is no way it can be recovered. Recovery is only possible if you are a premium user where you can recover the last 3 email addresses from the history.

What is the 10 minute email?

10 Minute mail is a free, instantaneously generated email address that is self-disposable after a 10 minute span.

How do I make a 10 minute email?

You can make a 10 minute email by going to the home screen, and click get a new email.

Can I recover a 10 minute mail?

No, you can’t recover a 10 min mail address once it is disposed of and deleted from the server.

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